Dragons & Treasure

Short story week! You can head straight on over to read Beaufort Scales & the Definition of Treasure from here if you fancy, or else read on for a little about where the story came from.

Flower dragon treasures his autumn flowers.

Story writing is a funny old process. Sometimes ideas spring fully formed into your head, other times you start with a sentence, or an image, and as you write they grow into something else entirely. Stories certainly have their own private, magical lives, at least in my experience. You might think you know exactly where you’re going with it, but characters are tricksy, and once they’ve become fleshed out a little, they tend to have their own ideas on what they want to do. I very rarely feel I’m in charge – I’m usually running along behind the characters shouting, “Come back! The story’s not about that!”

It’s a sad state of affairs when even your own characters don’t listen to you.

So, dragons and the definition of treasure. This story started from a misread tweet (I thought it concerned dragons hoarding barbecues. It didn’t. It was about being barbecued by dragons) and a discussion with my Dad about the term Beaufort Scales and what sort of name it was. He thought it should belong to a badger. I, evidently, didn’t. And I get to write the stories.

And somehow that pottered over here and became a question about treasure, and how we define it. What does it mean to you? Let me know in the comments!

Read Beaufort Scales & the Definition of Treasure

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