The Return of Beaufort Scales

Beaufort Scales, High Lord of the Cloverly Dragons and quite the progressive thinker, returns! Head straight to the new short story here, or catch up on his first story here.


Pretty, but dragons make better baubles.

I’m always astonished by the behaviour of my characters.  I mean, I should be used to it by now, but I still think that since I made them up, they could actually do the things I want them to, and be grateful about it while they’re at it. I mean, I could have made up someone else entirely. Are you listening, characters? Someone else entirely!

But, no – the good guys turn into bad guys, the secondary characters make it all about them, and the love interest turns out to be utterly unappealing to the main character (and me). And they all say and do things that I’m certainly not responsible for.

However, this is also the beauty of writing – throwing these characters out there and, on a good day, when it all just clicks into place, having to run to keep up with them (well, write really quickly). And sometimes these characters follow after you when you put the pen down, tapping you on the shoulder at 3am and saying, Hey. I’m not done yet.

​And that, friends, is when I remember I really, really love writing.

So Beaufort Scales and his buddy Mortimer still have some stories to tell. You can catch the first one, about re-defining treasure for the 21st century here, or you can just head straight over to Beaufort Scales & the Christmas Baubles to find out how dragons manage at Christmas markets.

I’m glad Beaufort’s not done. I like him. And we could all use more dragons in our holidays.

Mortimer’s are still better.

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