The Seed of a Story

It’s short story week, so no need to read all the guff about inspiration and creativity if you don’t fancy it – hop straight on over to The Hole in the Lawn and get reading!

Not the place I was thinking of, but look at that lawn. Imagine if there was a hole in it! How embarrassing…

Okay, there’s not actually going to be an awful lot of guff for you to wade through – mostly because this is one of those stories that popped out of nowhere I can really name. I didn’t have any particular stories in mind, you see, so I decided to follow my own advice and get on with the sitting, because that’s where the magic is. And if I can’t think up something, well, I’m going to have to magic it.

What came was: “There was a hole in the lawn.” Not entirely inspiring, but I could see it so perfectly, this hole. The size of it, the shape of it, and the water that lay in it, obscuring the bottom and reflecting the sky, even the raw dirt edges of it. I even knew what sort of lawn it would be on – we lived for a while in converted servants’ cottages belonging to a grand old country house in Yorkshire. It’s not the one in the photo to the left, that just looked like a promising sort of lawn, but in the photo below you can see the topiary at the front of the house. It had an aviary, penguins(obviously), a red kite breeding programme, and fantastic grounds – they ran from the perfectly groomed flowerbeds to woods where the deer lived, and if you were out running or biking you could sometimes see the stags fighting at dusk. There was a lake full of ducks and geese and other birds I don’t know the names of, and on the paths you’d suddenly come across a beautiful stone bridge, or a mossy statue, completely unremarked, as if they’d just been scattered across the place by a forgetful builder. It was all quite magical, and in my memory there was no perfect lawn such as the hole appears in, but it was that sort of house all the same. An unexpected hole would be quite unwelcome there. Untended areas are all very well, but a well-kept garden does not lend itself to unexpected holes. Not at all.

And what if that wasn’t an entirely normal hole? What if it was even more unexpected than it appeared? Ah, well. Read on.

The Hole in the Lawn.

Yeah, not a lot of lawn right there, but I’m sure there was some somewhere – grand country houses are required to have rolling lawns. It’s a law of nature.


6 thoughts on “The Seed of a Story

  1. Never has the word ‘bollocks’ been used to such a dramatic effect! Great story as ever Kim. I admire how you manage to keep coming up with them.

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoy the stories – I have much the same feelings regarding you and your blogs – you seems to have an endlessly varied pool of great topics going on.

      And isn’t bollocks such a versatile word…?

  2. I love this story. And I really want one. I do have a factual gripe, though. I think traffic cones and hazard tape are highly-sought-after collectibles in the student population. 🙂

    1. Aw, no! Poorly researched, that was! I knew traffic cones were eternally desirable, but I hadn’t considered that hazard tape would also be popular. Hmm. I think my age (and lack of Uni years) may be showing…!

      Thanks so much for commenting – really glad you enjoyed it. I almost left off the last paragraph, but I think it was sort of wish fulfilment – I want one too!

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