Cats & Auld Scratties

I’m not saying an Auld Scratty looks like this, but he might. He certainly smells like this.

This week’s short story is a dive into the back story of the BBN – we’re re-joining Kate this time, to see how she’s managing after A Problem of Cats and The Thing in the Drain. She’s now dealing with A Commotion in a Bedroom, or, rather, someone else is trying to make sure she doesn’t find out about it. Head straight on over and get reading now, or read on to find out a little about Auld Scratties.

It feels like it’s been a while since we checked in with Kate, and it can’t be easy when you can see things in the world that no one else can – or that no one else wants to. And imagine if some of those creatures of questionable reality decided to infiltrate your home – that’d be awful. Knowing they were there – or thinking you knew they were there, because such things can’t exist. Everyone knows that. So if you’re seeing them, well – what does that say about you?

Of course, if you’ve got a cat looking out for you, it might not be such a problem. Cats are pretty good at sorting things out, particularly Watch cats. Even things like Auld Scratties. Not that Auld Scratties are dangerous, exactly, but…

According to my favourite reference, Carol Rose’s Spirits, Fairies, Leprechauns, and Goblins: An Enclopedia, an Auld Scratty is a frightening spirit or demon, that people used to use to scare their kids into behaving. It could also be related to the devil, but in my story he’s more of a nomad, travelling around in search of houses with good cheese and extensive wine cellars, where he can hide in the walls and eat and drink to his heart’s content. He’s not particularly harmful, unless you were saving that particular box of chocolates for a special occasion, but he is problematic for cats trying to keep small girls hidden.

Read on, and enjoy!

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