Prompting a Story

It’s short story week, so jump straight across to read The Pie of Hate, or read on for a little background on the story. Either way – enjoy!

Nothing hateful about that.

“A sous chef makes a pie. Inside is hatred.”

So went the prompt from the Magic Realism Bot, a twitter account that posts random, disjointed ideas that are half unhinged nonsense and half deranged inspiration. And you can’t ignore something like that, can you?

So this week’s story is about a rather angry sous chef, who needs to make a pie for a rather unreasonable hotel owner. Honestly, what could go wrong?

The SO, who is a chef, told me that my language was rather too mild for an actual kitchen, but otherwise it all seemed pretty plausible to him. I did point out that I run a PG site here, so although I agreed on the language front (I’ve worked in a few kitchens), that was one area where artistic license was just going to have to rule the day.

As to the angriest thing I’ve ever done in my cooking days?

Not telling. You never know who reads this stuff.

How about you? What’s the angriest work revenge you’ve taken?

And now – read on!

Be afraid, little doggy. Be very, very afraid…

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