Useful Werewolves & Suspicious Cats

Short story week is back! A little more back story to the BBN this time – or maybe round story would be a better way to describe it. Either way, you can head over to read The Perils of Being Useful , or read on for some side story to the round story. Or something.

If I’m not suspicious, I’m definitely disapproving.

I’ve been missing the BBN recently – there’s been a lot going on around here, and it’s been tough enough to keep up with blog posts and short stories, let alone get back to work on the big stuff. Which I’ve been itching to do, because I thought I had just one more editing pass left before I started working on query letters and synopses and all those fun things.

As it turns out, good thing I didn’t jump straight in, as I may have made a small but fundamental error. Well, large. Large and fundamental. If I have made the aforementioned error. I’m still not sure, which is not helping matters. If I have, it’s going to require some rewriting. Probably a lot.

You see, I started out thinking my story was YA. Then, having read as much as I could on the subject, I thought, no, it’s MG, and rewrote accordingly. This would be a year ago. And now I’m back to thinking I was right the first time. I’m not going to say ‘knowing’. I would be okay if I could say ‘knowing’. ‘Knowing’ would be terribly handy. But the BBN does inhabit a curious region that’s sort of between MG and YA, and I need to call it one or the other. Some more recent reading means I’m no longer sure it’s right for MG, and the reasons why are integral to the story. But I may also be wrong. It’s been known to happen. Sigh.

With all that to think about, I decided the best thing to do was to ignore the lot of it and go hang out with a couple of my BBN characters, Beryl and Scarlett. They turn up in the third and second books, respectively. And I’m glad I spent some time with them. There’s nothing like useful werewolves and snotty cats to cheer you up when your writing runs away on you again.

Read on!

The Perils of Being Useful

“Sometimes tea’s the most important thing there is.”

Edit: My Twitter friends are amazing. Left to my own devices, I would either have pulled my poor wee story apart and started again, or put it in the too hard box and procrastinated about it for the next six months or so. Thanks to them, I’m back to thinking I have actually got it right. And remembering that I shouldn’t believe every article I read, as I’ve told myself (and you) before…

5 thoughts on “Useful Werewolves & Suspicious Cats

    1. At least as much as me… I need to take my own advice and know when to stop reading articles! You and Anna have pulled me out of a complete panic and put some perspective back on it – thank you! And MG it is!

      (And I’m​ not reading anything else about it…)

  1. That is the problem with labels. They tend to box you in, don’t they? Unless your a cat, being confined in a box can be uncomfortable. The box can be useful as well. So there you go. I didn’t help you at all! I think I will just stick to reading all your great stories and not think about labels.

    1. Labels are tricky things – they do tell you what’s in the box, but sometimes they lie… 😉

      Thanks so much for reading and all your twitter support!

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