Cybercats & World Domination

Short story week is here, so head on over to CyberKitty 2.1 to get started, or read on for some behind the scenes (and more cat photos. Perfect excuse, really).

You will bow before me and my orange throne.

I obviously have cats and world domination on the brain at the moment. This is a story I’ve been thinking about writing since my Sci-Fi for Beginners post, when I mentioned cybercats and got myself intrigued. I even had a go at writing it previously, but it didn’t come out right (this is starting to sound like a rather familiar theme. Sometimes I do write them just once and it works. Honest. Well, after a lot of editing, obviously).

But then the SO and I had one of our odd discussions about what would happen if cats did achieve world domination, and how humans would be treated by our furry little overladies and overlords. I wondered how it all might start, and I thought that, as with most things, it would start with something very small.

A complaint letter, perhaps.

And so world domination and cybercats got all a little muddled together, and I wrote something that is very much not in my normal style (other than that fact that it involves cats. Yeah, I know that’s very much my thing).

I’d love to know what you think of both the story and our inevitable subjugation by cats – let me know below or come for a chat on twitter or facebook!

Read on!

CyberKitty 2.1

Yeah, you’re next, sunshine.

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