Dragons, Cupcakes, & Murder

It’s short story week, and Beaufort Scales is baaack! Head on over to read Beaufort Scales & the Case of the Poisoned Cupcake (Part 1): A Cosy Mystery (With Dragons), or read on for a few ramblings.

Sure, they look good. But are you sure you know what’s in them?

I honestly don’t know what more I can add to the title of the story. That’s pretty much it. And I can’t even explain how it all came about, other than to say that if there was a ever a dragon who would get himself involved in crime solving (particularly crimes of the cosy sort, that tend to involve baked goods and pots of tea), it would be Beaufort Scales, High Lord of the Cloverly Dragons, and his long-suffering sidekick Mortimer. I mean, as if Beaufort would sit around when there was a poisoner at work in Toot Hansell! Especially not if the ladies of the Women’s Institute were implicated. Oh no, Beaufort wouldn’t stand for that at all. Beaufort would have to get involved.

Which, as you will know if you’ve read the previous Beaufort stories, can yield some mixed results.

Of course, even for the length of my ‘short’ stories, there’s not a lot of time for crime-solving. So this, my friends, shall be a serial – part two to follow in two weeks’ time. And I promise not to suddenly throw an extra blog post in the middle.

Read on here, or if you haven’t met Beaufort before, you may want to start with (in order of occurrence): Beaufort Scales & the Definition of Treasure; Beaufort Scales & the Christmas Baubles, and Beaufort Scales & the Toot Hansell WI.

Have fun!

Don’t panic! The dragons are coming…


2 thoughts on “Dragons, Cupcakes, & Murder

  1. I LOVE it! I don’t wanna write spoilers here but I was sad Dead Person died because I was looking forward to scenes where Dead Person was terrorised by a certain Other Character.

    Beaufort, please avenge the death!

    1. Beaufort will leave no cake uneaten in his quest to solve this terrible crime!

      And I think there’ll be room for terrorising 🙂

      So glad you liked it! I have so much fun with Beaufort stories.

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