More Dragons, Less Murder

Short story week, and it’s time for the second instalment in Beaufort Scales & the Poisoned Cupcake: A Cosy Mystery (With Dragons)! If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, it’s here – otherwise click through for Part 2!

I think the tea’s okay. Probably.

You know you may have got your priorities a little confused when you realise you’re feeling disappointed that botox doesn’t have the same effect as botulism toxin. Or not in the quantities you can put in a cupcake.

To be fair, it would have been a good murder – pretend it was food poisoning, when really you’ve swiped a bunch of those syringes from a home botox provider, and have given your cake that little bit extra.

I also realise that I probably need a cup of tea and a lie-down, and a break from researching ways to kill people. Preferably before I turn up on any watch lists.

But let me leave you in Beaufort’s capable paws, as he, Mortimer, and the ladies of the Toot Hansell W.I. continue their investigations into the terrible murder of the vicar. And drink tea and eat biscuits, of course.

You mustn’t get dehydrated during a murder investigation. Or hungry.

Beaufort Scales & The Case of the Poisoned Cupcake (Part 2): A Cosy Mystery (With Dragons)

And Part 1, if you need to catch up.


So idyllic. Not murderous at all.


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