A Misjudged Rabbit

Short story week is here, and Beaufort is back in The Case of the Poisoned Cupcake: A Cosy Mystery (With Dragons). You can find Part 1 here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here if you need to catch up, or head straight to the newest instalment here. Enjoy!

Should really have stuck with tea and flowers, not rabbits and flowers.

It’s the penultimate instalment in Beaufort’s cosy mystery, and so many questions remain unanswered. Whodunnit being the main one, obviously, but also:

Who would want to frame the WI, purveyors of such wonderful cakes and jams?

How will Miriam cope with life in prison?

How will Mortimer survive being Beaufort’s right-paw dragon without having a breakdown?

And what on earth is Beaufort doing with that rabbit?

I’m honestly enjoying writing these so much that I’d really rather not be on the final instalment in a fortnight. I’m also developing (deepening) a fondness for all things dragon, and have even tried drawing some. Well, a couple. I’m not the artiest person in the world, but for Beaufort, I will persevere.

So, tell me – if you’re enjoying Beaufort’s latest adventures, what would you like to read about next? Is it time for some non-dragonish goodness, or do you have a suggestion for what Beaufort and Mortimer need to tackle next? All suggestions welcome, although no promises made on whether I write them or not!

Until then – read on!

Beaufort Scales & the Case of the Poisoned Cupcake (Part 4): A Cosy Mystery (With Dragons)

I apologise to Beaufort, Mortimer and all other dragons for this terrible depiction. But it was made with love!


2 thoughts on “A Misjudged Rabbit

  1. I think I’m enjoying reading them more than you’re enjoying writing them! Beaufort waving at the W.I. through the window was one of the funniest things I’ve read for a long time.

    As to future escapades of Beaufort and Mortimer, surely their recent shenanigans will have attracted the attention of the cats of the Watch …

    1. I’m not sure that’s possible, as I have so much fun writing them! Writing about Beaufort and Mortimer always makes it a good day. But I’m very happy to share 😉

      I think the Watch is certainly starting to take notice – dragons normally keep to themselves so are not well monitored as, say, brags or dunnies, but still…

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment!

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