The Lizards Are Anxious

This week’s short story is here if you want to jump straight in – otherwise read on for a little ramble about where it came from.

Definitely anxious.

As I’ve mentioned fairly regularly, Twitter is quite the font of inspiration for story ideas. And one particularly wonderful resource is the Magical Realism Bot, which is either a terribly lucid bot or an incredibly inventive person. Here’s an example:

“A group of zombies are going on a quest. Their aim is to overthrow a hobbit.”


“A sentient icicle visits Prague. It keeps repeating one word: “Bunnies.””

See? Wonderful and completely bonkers, which is how we like things.

I’ve already used one of its prompts in The Pie of Hate, and this time it was another chef tweet that caught my eye (the SO is a chef, but honestly, this has nothing to do with the dodgy happenings in my stories. Nothing.).

And this particular prompt was irresistible.

“A library is haunted by the ghost of a pastry chef. He keeps repeating a mysterious phrase: “The lizard is anxious.”

How could I not write about that?

Okay, so somewhere along the way the lizard multiplied, but otherwise here it is – Rachel Agnew, Ghost Hunter. Enjoy!

Strange doings in the library.

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