Beaufort, Snowmen, & a Twitter Poll

It’s time for the third December story – and of course it has to be a Beaufort Christmas story. What else could it possibly be? Read on for a few details, or head on over now to read Beaufort Scales & A Problem with Snowmen. Enjoy!

One of the Christmas stories was always going to be a Beaufort story, because what is Christmas without dragons? But that didn’t mean I had any idea where my story was going. I knew there was a snowman competition, and what the aftermath would be, but that was as close as it got.

Luckily, after the last two stories – which I intended to be in the region of 1500 words, and instead both clocked in at just under 4,000 – I had no illusions that this would be a short short story.

I did not expect it to be as long as it is.

And when I sat down to edit it, I realised that getting it back to under 4,000 words would mean taking a lot of Beaufort out, which seemed a shame because I like spending time with him. But at just under 6,000 words I wasn’t entirely sure I could even call this a short story.

Naturally, the only way to answer this dilemma was to ask Twitter. And Twitter spoke.

It also seems that Twitter has a bit of a thing for porcupines, so I have included a snow porcupine. You’re welcome.

So – enjoy, read on, and be careful what sort of snowcreatures you build…



Have you built snowmen? Probably a silly question for a lot of my Northern hemisphere readers, but I’d never built one until last year. I present my snowcat for your enjoyment entertainment. (I realise it looks like a weird cat/pig hybrid. I am not good at these things.) What other sort of snowcreatures have you built? Let me know below!


2 thoughts on “Beaufort, Snowmen, & a Twitter Poll

  1. I’ve built snowmen and snowlumps and everything in between. We have pictures of our kids with snow Orcs all over the yard, giving snow midgets a ride in their sleds, and more. One of my favorites is a photo of our youngest when she was so desperate to make a snowman out of not-quite-enough snow in the yard that it was a ball about 16″ tall, 80% snow and 20% leaves that were still on the ground. Even sitting on the ground beside it in her pink snowsuit, she dwarfed the poor thing. I still laugh when I remember it. We live on the lakeshore of Lake Erie, and we do get a lot of lake effect snow.

    1. I have such an amazing image of your daughter and her tiny, scruffy snowman now! That’s so cute 🙂 And what a beautiful place to live – no wonder you have such an awesome snowmonster repertoire!

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