The writer at work. Honest.

Originally from New Zealand, Kim has lived and worked in various (usually warm) countries around Europe, the Pacific and the Caribbean. She has been writing since before she could do joined-up letters, and hopes that although her handwriting has not improved, her stories have.

She currently lives in France with her understanding SO and a little furry muse called Layla, who inspires the ruder cats in her work. She reads a lot, writes a lot, and consumes far too much tea and cake to be healthy. She does balance this by teaching yoga, however. Although ‘balances’ may be pushing it.

She’d love to hear from you with story ideas (she takes requests), comments, or just to say hi.

Read on, lovely people!



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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Maree is such a pretty name!

    I would like a story about a dragon who’s afraid of fire and heights.

    And one about a cat called Layla who leads a cat revolution.

    1. Aw, thank you! I’ve never liked it – when we were kids my cousin and I wanted to swap middle names, because we preferred each others. Oddly enough, our parents never went for it…

      I love the idea of a dragon that’s scared of fire and heights! I’m definitely putting that one in my magic story idea pot. The Layla one, though – that may be a little to close to the truth. She may not let me do it. Or I might do it and unexpectedly vanish…

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