Useful Werewolves & Suspicious Cats

Short story week is back! A little more back story to the BBN this time – or maybe round story would be a better way to describe it. Either way, you can head over to read The Perils of Being Useful , or read on for some side story to the round story. Or something. I’ve […]

This week’s short story is a dive into the back story of the BBN – we’re re-joining Kate this time, to see how she’s managing after A Problem of Cats and The Thing in the Drain. She’s now dealing with A Commotion in a Bedroom, or, rather, someone else is trying to make sure she doesn’t find […]

It being short story week, please feel free to head straight over to read The Invisible Boy. It’s a BBN story, specifically about the boy Patrick, so you may want to read Saving The Rat and Slipping Through the Cracks first, if you haven’t already. Enjoy! It’s been an interesting sort of week. In the […]

Habit. All sorts of connotations in such a little word. You’ve got a monk’s habit, which conjures up thoughts of self-deprivation and piousness, of scratchy brown robes and hand-tended gardens. Bad habits – oh, so many of those. Biting your nails. Smoking. Picking your spots. Dog-earing book pages (shudder). Good habits – putting money aside […]

Short story day! We’re heading into some BBN (Big Bad Novel) back story today – read on for a little more about this, or jump straight on over to read The Watchers. I put aside the BBN (Big Bad Novel, if you haven’t been around to discover my lazy dependence on acronyms)  in September, with […]

It’s short story week once again, so here’s a link directly to this week’s story. Otherwise read on below for a bit of a ramble on how the story came about, and what turtles have to do with anything… Last month, some friends invited me to go turtle-nest guarding with them. Obviously I said yes, […]

  ​When I wrote the rough draft of my books, it was by hand, with iffy internet. I didn’t read any articles about how I should do it, I just did it, for better or worse. For years this has been pretty much how my writing has gone. I started out writing longhand, figuring it […]

Short story day, so here is a link that will take you straight to ‘The Tiddy Un & The Knucker’. Enjoy, and please let me know what you think!  Just a short little note about today’s story. It’s more of a side story to the BBN (Big Bad Novel) than it is a back story – […]

  It’s short story week! And, that being the case, you can in fact ignore all of the following and hop straight over to The Thing in the Drain, if you so desire. Still here? Okay – here’s a little about the story. It’s another wee part of the jigsaw that is the back story […]

  I had a scare last week. I’ll admit it. I thought my writerness had dried up and left me. (You may remember a similar – in fact, identical – worry from a month or so back. Yeah, it’s a thing for me.) You can read all the gory details in the previous blog post, […]