Beaufort, Snowmen, & a Twitter Poll

It’s time for the third December story – and of course it has to be a Beaufort Christmas story. What else could it possibly be? Read on for a few details, or head on over now to read Beaufort Scales & A Problem with Snowmen. Enjoy! One of the Christmas stories was always going to […]

The Christmas stories continue! You can jump straight across to read The Ghost Hunter & the Troll, or read on for a few more details. As promised, I’m still running away from blogs and helpful posts this year. Instead, allow me to introduce the second Christmas story, about a Ghost Hunter and a troll. And […]

It’s short story week! Jump on over to read Glenda & the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, or read on for a few thoughts about the story itself. I do that writery thing you always read about, where I keep a notebook and a piece of paper by the bed. It seems like a reasonable thing […]

It’s short story week, and we’ve been far too long without hearing from Beaufort! And if you don’t know who Beaufort, High Lord of the Cloverly Clan and thoroughly modern dragon is, you can catch up here. Otherwise read on for a few rambles, or catch his latest adventure here. Enjoy! One thing I have […]

This week’s short story is here if you want to jump straight in – otherwise read on for a little ramble about where it came from. As I’ve mentioned fairly regularly, Twitter is quite the font of inspiration for story ideas. And one particularly wonderful resource is the Magical Realism Bot, which is either a […]

It’s short story week, and I’ve headed back to the world of the BBN to catch up with Patrick. If you haven’t run into him before, you might want to check out some of the older stories here (oldest are at the bottom of the page). Otherwise, read on for some behind-the-scenes, or head to […]