Sunshine Blogging for Cats

Well, it had to happen. I let Layla have one post, just one, and the next thing you know she’s being awarded a Sunshine Blogger Award and everyone wants to talk to her instead of to me. Although, to be fair, she’s probably just as good a conversationalist as I am. Actually, that’s not fair […]

It’s short story week, so jump straight across to read The Pie of Hate, or read on for a little background on the story. Either way – enjoy! “A sous chef makes a pie. Inside is hatred.” So went the prompt from the Magic Realism Bot, a twitter account that posts random, disjointed ideas that […]

In not very long, I will have a birthday, and I will be 39. I actually wrote a whole blog post about this, musing not just on how the hell I made it this far (honestly, in some ways I’m surprised), but also on how society, as represented by TV, movies, and an uncomfortable proportion […]

Once upon a while ago, I used to cook full-time. In fact, I had a few jobs where this was the case, the first time being with the caterers at Waiheke Island RSA when I was still at Uni, and the most recent being in a lovely wee deli/cafe in Yorkshire. These are facts that […]

When we decided to head to Paris for a few nights, I had two things I wanted to do – visit the Catacombs, because they were closed the last time we were there, and visit a few English secondhand bookshops, because this has become a bit of a thing for me. Unfortunately, the Catacombs are […]

  ​When I was a kid, I loved short stories. I mean, they’re a whole world, a whole adventure, wrapped neatly and ready for devouring in one sitting. What’s not to like, right? And in one book of short stories you have a dozen or more little slices of imagination, that you can dip into, […]

  Well, technically it’s the week before Christmas, but near enough. If you’re anything like me, you’ve had quite enough gift lists, holiday survival guides,  and menu plans – if we’re not ready now, we’re probably not going to be, so we may as well embrace it. What’s Christmas without a few burned mince pies, […]

Beaufort Scales, High Lord of the Cloverly Dragons and quite the progressive thinker, returns! Head straight to the new short story here, or catch up on his first story here.  I’m always astonished by the behaviour of my characters.  I mean, I should be used to it by now, but I still think that since […]

​I know, I know. There are a thousand and one gift guides out there for the writer/reader/introvert in your life (because let’s face it – more often than not, they’re one and the same). But how many fancy pens and pretty notebooks can we really use? Especially as we are super-picky, and it’s entirely possible […]

It’s short story week, and that means you can ignore all this completely and get straight into the good stuff here. Otherwise, read on for a little background. I sometimes joke that twitter is my muse. I may have come rather late to it (I went to set an account up last February, and found I’d […]