7 Things About Snowboarding, Writing, & Life

I finally got my first snowboarding day of the season in yesterday – a friend and I headed up to Auron, which is about 2hrs drive from here. The snow was gorgeous, and, being a Monday, it was lovely and quiet. Which was good, as the first day of the season tends to be… patchy […]

In which I somehow turn book review time into storytime, featuring an absolutely brilliant little picture book written by James Joyce. Well, I imagine he needed a break after Ulysses.     Do you have any strange and unusual finds you’ve come across in your bookshop travels? Books by unexpected authors? Let me know in […]

Beaufort Scales, High Lord of the Cloverly dragons and aficionado of well-built barbecues, would like to offer his recommendations for the best way to cook rabbits. Unfortunately, we seem to be missing some rabbits.     Beaufort: Mortimer, they were right here. Mortimer: I know, I can’t quite imagine what’s happened. There were six of them, […]

In which I reveal that my tastes in movies are rather similar to my tastes in books, and talk about the Christmas books I didn’t read, as well as the not-very-Christmassy one I did. I also forget to wish you Happy New Year, after spending all of last week’s video trying not to. So, umm, […]

It being very nearly Christmas, this chat is, of course, partly to wish you happy holidays (very clumsily, as apparently I’m still having issues speaking. I should have got the little furry muse to help me out again). It’s also to say that I hope you’re looking after yourself this December, and have set some […]

The last blog post before Christmas, and I have no idea how we got here so quickly. I hope you’ve been looking after yourself, and aren’t feeling too stressed about the day itself. It’s only a day, remember. I wish you a wonderful one, whether you’re celebrating or not – let me know what you’re […]

I recorded this video the day after we got back from Denmark, and just before I started packing, which explains the needy cat and the general disorganisation of the whole thing. Or that’s my excuse, anyway. Anyhow, watch on to see me mourn the fact that I’m going to have to have to downsize my bookshelves, […]