The Possibilities of No

I’m notoriously bad at saying no. The SO teases me about it quite a lot, but I feel it bears pointing out that the only reason we went out on that first date 7 years ago was because I didn’t know how to say no. I mean, obviously, I knew how to say no, but […]

I have weirdness aspirations. Which is potentially weird in itself, but I do really admire anyone who is completely comfortable in their own oddness. I don’t mean Manic Pixie Dream Girl-type oddness – I mean real-life oddness. For instance, I’m clumsy in a way that results in bruises rather than cuteness, and socially awkward in […]

I won, I won! I’d like to thank the little furry muse, chocolate, tea – wait. Sorry, no. Not that sort of award. Although I’m pretty chuffed anyway. The lovely A.S.Akkalon nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award (isn’t it cool? And shiny??), and I’m both enormously flattered and a little intimidated, because I feel […]

When we decided to head to Paris for a few nights, I had two things I wanted to do – visit the Catacombs, because they were closed the last time we were there, and visit a few English secondhand bookshops, because this has become a bit of a thing for me. Unfortunately, the Catacombs are […]

​I know, I know. There are a thousand and one gift guides out there for the writer/reader/introvert in your life (because let’s face it – more often than not, they’re one and the same). But how many fancy pens and pretty notebooks can we really use? Especially as we are super-picky, and it’s entirely possible […]

​​We all say it. Can’t complain. It’s not quite as disingenuous as ‘Oh, good, everything’s great’, but it’s not exactly the truth, is it? It’s the ‘I’m fine’ of conversations, the way we stop ourselves when we almost – almost – come right out and say that maybe we aren’t okay. That maybe work isn’t […]