Bookshelves, a Book Haul, & a Grumpy Cat

I recorded this video the day after we got back from Denmark, and just before I started packing, which explains the needy cat and the general disorganisation of the whole thing. Or that’s my excuse, anyway. Anyhow, watch on to see me mourn the fact that I’m going to have to have to downsize my bookshelves, […]

The Christmas stories continue! You can jump straight across to read The Ghost Hunter & the Troll, or read on for a few more details. As promised, I’m still running away from blogs and helpful posts this year. Instead, allow me to introduce the second Christmas story, about a Ghost Hunter and a troll. And […]

Stumbling my way through another chat about books, where I admit I still read books for very small children and have a soft spot for Nordic melancholia. I also show you pretty pictures, so there’s that.     Have you read any Tove Jansson? Any other kids’ books you like revisiting, and would like to […]

Continuing in the theme of talking about books, but not really reviewing them, I get a bit gushy about John Connolly’s Samuel Johnson books. They’re my level, okay? I also have trouble with words, because I’m fairly certain they’re made for writing, not speaking.     Have you read them? What’s your favourite fun read? […]