Talking About Books & A Video

My lovely friend A.S. Akkalon does amazing not-reviews of books on her website. They’re funny, entertaining, and make more sense to me than an actual book review. I know I did a lot of analysing books way back in the foggy years of school (and a year of English Lit at uni), but I didn’t […]

As you already know, I’m not the biggest fan of aging gracefully. It seems a little overrated to me, and I figure I may as well continue as I mean to go on. However, there is some sage advice to be found in this video. I particularly love: “Cultivate younger friends, otherwise yours will all […]

  Now, I’ve been sticking to the once-a-week blog type thing, because honestly, being organised enough to blog once a week is already plenty for me to handle. Plen-ty. However. This week seems to have been a long week for everyone. I’m not sure why – end of summer, back to school, just one of […]