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Welcome to the short story home page. You have three options below – please choose wisely.

Not really. I’ve split things up to make it easier to find what you’re looking for, though. After a long hiatus from writing short stories, I’ve fallen back in love with them again and, for once, seem to be able to stop them getting too octopus-like and sprawling (most of the time). But my style has changed distinctly from my horror writing days, so I’ve divided the darker, older stories off into From the Back Shelves. Then I realised that back and side stories relating to the BBN (Big Bad Novel) may not appeal to everyone, so they have their own special section too. And before long Beaufort, who started off life in the Tall Tales section, set out to conquer the world – or at least my writing – so he had to have his own section, too. Which leaves the Tall Tales section for everything else, from vengeful sous-chefs to AI cats, vampire kittens and world-conquering rubber ducks.  So hopefully there’ll be something in there that tickles your fancy – and would love to hear what you think!

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Tall Tales

For the most part stories of humour and magic in a contemporary setting, here you’ll find hungry caterpillars, diet-sabotaging critters,  forward-thinking dragons, and cats messing with people just because they can.

Big Bad Novel Stories

​Stories related to my work in progress, the BBN. Spoiler-free, these are mostly back stories for some of the characters, and introduce a few magical beasts as well. Including cats. Messing with people. You know they do it.


Beaufort Scales

Beaufort Scales began life as a mis-read tweet and a discussion with my dad at to whether the name was better suited to a badger or a dragon (I won). Beaufort is a very old but very enthusiastic dragon, fond of tea and cake, and terribly interested in the world.


From the Back Shelves

Older stories from when I used to write more horror – these have more death and destruction and less cats. However, there are still magical beasts. Just not very nice ones.

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