Stuff for Sunday – Weather, Kittens, & Winning Instagram

Stuff for Sunday – Weather, Kittens, & Winning Instagram

It seems we found our level last week, as Cake Wrecks was the one link everyone was talking about. I should have guessed, really – badly-made baked goods are rather more fun than philosophical musings. And therefore I shall deliver more oddities and less serious stuff. After all, there’s more than enough serious stuff in the world, so why shouldn’t we have more kittens and cake wrecks?

So let’s jump right in…



Attack of the Cute

This is an adorable website. It’s nothing but photos, gifs and videos of ridiculously cute animals. And they all look like furry little models, because all the photos are exceptionally good – if not professional, then not far off that level.

I tried to limit myself to just looking at the home page. (I also have to keep an eye out for the little furry muse. I mean, if she came along and found me looking at photos of other cats…).



Village Name Generator

I’m pretty sure that there’s no way a name as good as Upton Snodsbury or Barton in the Beans could ever be invented, and whenever I try to come up with good village names they always sound very obviously fake to me. And then I discovered this.

I’ve linked to the blog post, but if you scroll down you’ll discover the link to the English Village Name Generator, which gave me Toot Hansell and Little Weirding. It makes me terribly happy.



Celeste Barber

If you haven’t discovered the wonderful Celeste Barber, you must do so immediately. She writes a very funny blog here (although it hasn’t been updated for almost a year, boo), and her instagram is fantastic. All those times you’ve thought that a celebrity’s in a ridiculous pose, or wearing something entirely bizarre? Well.





This is probably only interesting if you’re a weather geek or like prettily coloured maps, but I love it. You can click anywhere and choose to see wind, cloud cover, temperature etc at any location, all in rather pleasing graphics.

Want to know if it’s snowing in Iceland? Done.

Want to know how strong the wind is in the Southern Ocean? No problems.

Want to know how hot it is in the Gobi Desert? Click and go.

I can waste so much time on this.


How about you? Any fun links you’d like to share this week?



6 Replies to “Stuff for Sunday – Weather, Kittens, & Winning Instagram”

  1. I laugh at the mere thought of Celeste Barber. She is one of the funniest women out there. I love people who are willing to point out the ridiculous and laugh at themselves in the process. I follow her on Instagram and just can’t get enough.

    And oh, how I love name generators! Seems like you’ve found a great one! A friend shared a Benedict Cumberbatch name generator he’d found . . . I ended up with Rambleflack Handlebum.

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