Stuff for Sunday – Poetry, Stars, & Stress Relief

Stuff for Sunday – Poetry, Stars, & Stress Relief

Another Sunday, another collection of oddities for you. I have to admit that I love some of the amazing things that can be discovered when trawling through t’interwebs, and this week I’ve gone for a rather mis-matched assortment of wonderful oddities.

Read on!


Writing About Writing – 17 Rules

I’m not a fan of writing rules. I think they’re too often sold as some panacea, which, if we follow them to the letter, will render us all literary geniuses. Failure is certain if we don’t. I am, in fact, generally wary of writing advice, as you may remember. But these are rules I can get behind.

The rest of the site is also well worth a read – it’s well-written, entertaining, and full of useful info.



100,000 Stars

An interactive map of our stellar neighbourhood, although it does warn that accuracy isn’t guaranteed, and we shouldn’t use it for interstellar navigation.

It is, however, beautiful, and you can either hit play to be taken on a guided tour, or explore on your lonesome. Completely hypnotic, but be warned you may want to turn your speakers off if you’re going exploring among the stars at work.



The Poetry Foundation

I’ve read very little poetry since school, but last year I signed up for the daily poem from the Poetry Foundation. There’s something quite wonderful about a little packet of beautiful words turning up in your inbox every day, and there’s plenty to explore on the site.





Pixel Thought

I stumbled onto this from another site entirely, and at first thought it was just quite a silly thing. But I tried it (I was probably meant to be doing something else), and it’s a quite lovely little meditation and stress reliever. Just type what’s bothering you into the bubble, and let it go into the stars, following the prompts to breathe deeply as you do. It won’t solve anything, but when you think you might be about to throw your yoghurt at Gerry from accounts, it could be quite handy.



What interesting things have you come across this week, lovely people?



4 Replies to “Stuff for Sunday – Poetry, Stars, & Stress Relief”

  1. I have completely blanked out. I’m sure I found some fun stuff on the interwebs. But I will forget those, as I explore these lovely sites.

    1. Aw, I hope you enjoyed your exploring! I’ve actually decided that this is the best way for me to keep track of the things I find…!

  2. Oh, my goodness. The star explorer is hypnotic. And I loved the writing rules! Especially the one about measuring yourself against only yourself.

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