Stuff for Sunday – the Cat Edition

Stuff for Sunday – the Cat Edition

You may have noticed that I’m fond of cats. There are a few things that give it away, like, oh, I don’t know – Layla having her own blog this week. And also maybe before. A couple of times. Plus there are my many, many short stories that involve cats. And then, if you’re on social media with me, you have to put up with an overabundance (if that’s possible) of cat photos.

Cats are cool. There’s no arguing with that. Or them, for that matter. Go on, try. I’ll wait.

And because cats are the masters at relaxed days, they seemed an obvious choice for a Sunday.


Why a Cat is a Writer’s Best Friend: Feegle Cat Chronicles

“Writers will always have cats because we keep your lap and your lap top warm.

We remind you that there are other living beings on this planet when you’re engrossed in your writing by expressing loudly our hunger or other demands.

We keep you company by being with you as you write without looking over your shoulder and criticising.

We will never judge your writing, mainly because we cannot speak. Not because we are kind.”

The lovely Lisa Sell is ably assisted by her own little furry muse, Feegle, who regularly takes over the blog to make sure things are running correctly. The pictures are pretty cute, too.



The Great Cat & the Origin of the Universe

“Before there were stars, the Great Cat spun through the cosmos with his bowl of tuna.**

At first the Great Cat was content because he was the First, the Most Important, and the Only. But then he realised his tuna had been sitting in his bowl for more than an hour and was no longer edible, and it didn’t move when he felt like playing.

So he created the earth and made mice to run across it and get eaten.

He created the oceans and made fish to swim through them and get eaten (but only when they came on land, because water is wet and yucky).

And at last he created the skies and made birds to fly through them and get eaten.

And then he slept because he was tired, even though he’d given himself a week to create his realm and it was only 10am on the first day.”

The hugely talented and hilarious A.S. Akkalon is also owned by a cat, as all writers tend to be. And there have been problems with a lion in her kitchen.


The Guardian – Top 10 Cats in Literature

“Which was when she explained a great truth to me – that once a literary woman associates her name with cats, no one will take her seriously again.

I have been haunted by that conversation ever since. In my heart, I know that she was right. But on the other hand, cats are such good material.

It seems obvious to me that cats are clever and totally lacking in altruism. This means you can believe almost anything of them.

The following are masterworks by people who were bravely prepared to take the risk of being associated with cats. Noticeably, though, nearly all of them are male, so perhaps the subeditor’s warning should still stand.”

Good thing I was never aiming for a literary career, then.


Moshow, The Cat Rapper.



He raps about cats, and adopting cats, and cat welfare, and cat ladies, and it’s completely hilarious. And if you disagree I don’t think we can be friends anymore. Also absolutely my favourite thing on Instagram!

And that, my friends, is that for this week. What fun things have you come across this weeks? They don’t have to be cat-related, but it helps…


6 Replies to “Stuff for Sunday – the Cat Edition”

  1. So much kitty cat love! Feegle thanks you for escalating her diva status and sends regards from the sofa.

    1. Feegle! We bow before her kittyness! Thank you for the inspiration and abundance of gorgeous photos to brighten up our interwebs 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing the story of the origin of the universe. More people ought to know this story. The Great Cat blesses you.

    I wish someone had told me I couldn’t be associated with cats and taken seriously in the literary world… not that it would have made a difference. Besides, the opinions of people who don’t get how awesome cats are don’t count.

    1. You speak the truth of The Great Cat. The opinions of cat deniers are indeed invalid.

      Thank you for the inspiration and wonderful catness!

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