Dragons, & the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Dragons, & the Stories We Tell Ourselves

It’s short story week, and we’re joining Beaufort Scales, High Lord of the Cloverly dragons and barbecue aficionado. Jump straight to the story here, or read on for a chat! (And if you’ve not encountered Beaufort before, there’s a Q&A with him here, or you can ask me about his other short stories!)

Dragons don’t swim! That’s a truth.

One thing I have always known, is that I am terrible at drawing. I failed art at school (somewhat like PE (sports), I doubt anyone knew it was possible to fail art until I came along). I have a terrible sense of proportion and no spatial awareness whatsoever. Hence, I spend a lot of time measuring and using spirit levels before drilling holes anywhere, as eyeballing it is not an option for me (and pictures are still usually wonky, because even if I get the holes in the right place, I can’t sit them straight), most of my photos have horizons with more angle than the Tower of Pisa, and cakes are never cut evenly.

And this generally doesn’t bother me. Drawing has never been a passion for me. I love other people’s drawings, and admire anyone who has the talent to create such beautiful things. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to do.

But. I have a dragon. And of all my characters, he’s the pushiest and the one I’d most like to see. Plus I can only illustrate his stories with so many cups of tea and slices of cake, especially as the latest one has no tea or cake in it. (Sorry, Beaufort.)

But I can’t draw. This is one of those truths I know about myself.

Like, I can’t dance. I’m no good at maths. I’m terrible at sport. I’m even at worse at small talk.

All these things I know, although, when I think about it, I’m not sure how I know. I dance at home and scare the cat, because I’m not one for going out. I haven’t had to do maths since I was at school. I haven’t played sports since I was at school. And I go into every social occasion so convinced that I can’t talk to people that I’m stressed out before I even begin.

The only one of these truths I’ve tested is the drawing.

Hands up, they’re not brilliant, and I’m not digging for compliments there. I can only draw his little dragon face at one angle, and it’s best you don’t look too closely at his paws. However, he is recognisably a dragon, which was more than I’d hoped for. So maybe I’m not as terrible at drawing as I thought.

Maybe I can still learn these things.

Of course, high levels of motivation will be required before I tackle sport or small talk. And I’ll probably keep the dancing at home, and the maths to my phone. But, y’know. I could try.

Truths. Aren’t they funny things, sometimes?

And, on that note – Beaufort looks at a truth he thought he knew about dragons in this week’s short story. Enjoy!

Beaufort Scales & A Rather Difficult Flying Lesson

PS – the drawings are actually mostly of Gilbert. I’m still working on Beaufort.



Do you have any truths about yourself you’d like to test out? Let me know below!

13 Replies to “Dragons, & the Stories We Tell Ourselves”

    1. Aw, thank you! They’re actually so much fun to do. It’s very distracting, because I’m sure there are other things I should be doing, but suddenly I just want to draw dragons…

  1. Okay so it is funny what we know about ourselves. Not only can you draw, but you have a good eye for what to put where to fill out a picture with minimal marks.

    Of course I know what you mean. I think somewhere along the way we give up an except what we “can’t” do.

    Off to read more about Beaufort.

    1. Thank you so much, Brandon! I think you’re right – we are told or tell ourselves these things, and before long they become truths. Unless we have a reason to challenge them, they stay that way.

      Still not sure about challenging my maths truth, though. No dragons there. 😉

  2. I love these drawings. They’re absolutely adorable and make me want a dragon, too. And now I’m off to read Beaufort’s story . . .

  3. I love your dragon sketches and as I’m a crazy mad fan of dragons I love them even more. You’ve inspired me to try and draw Bluberry Firepoof in fact!

    1. Yay! Can’t wait to see your drawings – I hope you share them 🙂 And on the names – I name all the house plants, but whenever the SO asks me what one’s called, I’ve forgotten and have to make a new name up. Every. Time.

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