Tove Jansson & Beautiful Books

Tove Jansson & Beautiful Books

Stumbling my way through another chat about books, where I admit I still read books for very small children and have a soft spot for Nordic melancholia. I also show you pretty pictures, so there’s that.



Have you read any Tove Jansson? Any other kids’ books you like revisiting, and would like to recommend?

Don’t forget to ask if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to natter on about!


4 Replies to “Tove Jansson & Beautiful Books”

  1. Sadness! I have never read a Tove Jansson book. 🙁 But I love listening to your natterings, and when I put your videos on hubby is like “Oh, that one. She’s not too annoying.” Which, believe me, is high praise. 🙂

    1. Wow! I feel rather honoured to receive such a commendation. Say thank you to him, and that I shall endeavour to remain at a medium level of annoying 😉

      And Tove Jansson writes such lovely things! If you like kids’ books, go with Moominland Midwinter. It’s hauntingly beautiful. Otherwise – well, I’ve only read The Summer Book so far, but it was very good 🙂

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