Talking Thank Yous & Fighting Over Cheese

Talking Thank Yous & Fighting Over Cheese

It being very nearly Christmas, this chat is, of course, partly to wish you happy holidays (very clumsily, as apparently I’m still having issues speaking. I should have got the little furry muse to help me out again). It’s also to say that I hope you’re looking after yourself this December, and have set some time and space away from the madness to do so.

The other part is to say thank you so much, lovely readers. You are completely and utterly wonderful, and have been the best cheerleaders anyone could hope for. Every comment, like and share has, without exaggeration, made my day. So thank you so much – and watch on!



How are you spending your December? How are you taking care of yourself? Let me know in the comments, and please know you can always message me if you need an ear.



8 Replies to “Talking Thank Yous & Fighting Over Cheese”

  1. Well, Christmas is all about the baby cheeses, isn’t it. Happy holidays to all in Kim-land, including the SO, Layla and of course Beaufort 🙂

    1. I have a bag of Babybel in the fridge, so that’s pretty seasonal, right? Happy holidays to you too – thank you for all the support, particularly with Beaufort!

  2. Loved the video – you’re a natural, Kim!
    Happy holidays! Hope they’re everything you’d most like them to be! 🙂

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