Zen & the Art of Making Mistakes

Zen & the Art of Making Mistakes

In which I show you the books that inspire me to keep writing, in the hopes that all their good thoughts will rub off on all of us. Plus a reminder that mistakes are good, failures are just works in progress, and to always hug your writing buddies, virtually or in real life.

I hope 2018 is a fabulously creative year for you, and that, most importantly, you have fun in what you’re doing, whether that’s writing, rewriting, editing, or something else entirely. Because if we’re not having fun, then we might as well be cleaning the loo, right? And no one wants that.



Do you have any favourite books you turn to when you need a little lift, in writing or life? Let me know in the comments!


2 Replies to “Zen & the Art of Making Mistakes”

  1. Well, that’s all of those on the list of things to read, thanks so much for the recommendations! I think I could use some of those around me as I write. Which, of all of them, would you say is your favourite or the most useful for you?

    1. Ooh – that’s a tough one! I’d say Ray Bradbury motivates me the most – he’s so enthusiastic that you just want to jump up and start writing immediately. Anne Lamott, however, is fantastic for those days when it just feels like nothing is working.

      As far as really technically useful books, I have a great book called ‘Writing Irresistible KidLit’ (I write middle grade), which was wonderful for plotting and editing tips. I also love Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet for plotting (although I’m a terrible pantser, so while these *help* me plot, I’m still not entirely reformed. A plotser, maybe 😉 )

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