James Joyce, A Cat, & The Devil

James Joyce, A Cat, & The Devil

In which I somehow turn book review time into storytime, featuring an absolutely brilliant little picture book written by James Joyce.

Well, I imagine he needed a break after Ulysses.



Do you have any strange and unusual finds you’ve come across in your bookshop travels? Books by unexpected authors? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. My Joyce experience was exactly yours, except I didn’t read Dubliners until a few years ago, having suffered Portrait of the Artist at A-Level and Ulysses at college. I think you got a bit further into the latter than I did 🙂 Starts well and ends well, a remarkable attempt to get inside the human mind and report thought, but deteriorates into word games and showing off in the middle. (I read some of it in a Dublin pub called The James Joyce, sat under an actual portrait of the artist, which was very meta). I believe The Cat and the Devil is a French folk-tale, originally, which Joyce jazzed up a bit.

    My only parallel to this particular book is Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang, which is not very much like the film at all and was of course written by Ian Fleming. I read it as a child and as I recall liked it a lot, but thinking back I feel Fleming got a lot of dirty jokes in by stealth 🙂

    1. Reading Joyce in a Dublin pub while sitting underneath his portrait must unlock some sort of rewards level of reading. That is VERY impressive.

      I don’t know if I’ve actually seen the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie, but what I most clearly remember about the book was that it introduced me to the joys of big words. I think it was ‘conglomeration’, and it went on to describe how that meant all the bits, including the caramels that had slid down behind the seats. Or something to that effect – it’s been a long time! Although I may have to reread in view of your comment – I love seeing authors having fun and putting in sneaky stuff for adults to giggle about 🙂

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