Detective Agencies & Scotland Street

Detective Agencies & Scotland Street

In which I ramble on about why I think Alexander McCall Smith’s books are (mostly) wonderful, and why they’re not for everyone.



Do you enjoy books that are about life as we know it, rather than grand adventures? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I have read some of Precious Ramotswe’s adventures, and they were quite good and entertaining in a cosy sort of way. When I need an undemanding read I tend to turn to Wodehouse, as one does, but I also have a lasting fondness for Gerald Durrell’s Corfu stories, which are charming and funny (even if not terribly accurate … Durrell left a lot of what really happened out, in his quest to make the stories suitably cosy).

    1. I LOVED Gerald Durrell’s Corfu stories when I was younger – all of his books, really, but the Corfu ones were just magical. It was a major reason why I went to work in Greece after leaving Tonga (I was at least smart enough not to expect it to be QUITE like the books, but there was enough – the bougainvillea, the heat of the summer, the olive groves, the smell of the earth baking in the sun…). I now need to get my hands on them again, I think.

      I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never read Wodehouse – I need to put them on the to-buy list.

        1. I do have some disgraceful gaps in my reading education. I shall take steps to remedy that at once – beginning by reading that blog!

  2. Lovely video! 😀 You talk wonderfully on camera, it’s a delight to watch, I wish I knew how to do that. I tried doing videos a few years back, but I discovered I’m way too awkward. The result was painful to watch. Hubby said I looked like I was being held hostage.

    I’m the grand adventure-type of reader. I like to have crazy stuff going on in the books I read. Sometimes I read quieter stories for variety, but I’m mostly drawn to action. Don’t know why – maybe my life is so quiet that I need the action for balance?

    1. It’s so odd, because I hate having my picture taken, and video cameras have always made me feel horribly awkward. But I decided to give it a go just as something different for the website, and found that it’s actually quite fun. As long as no one else is around, that is – I can’t do it if the SO’s home! (Although now from your description, I really want to see your video… 😉 )

      I do love action-packed stories too, but sometimes it’s really nice to read something that really shows the beauty of a quiet life. Variety is good!

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