Books to Read for the Sheer Fun of it

Books to Read for the Sheer Fun of it

In which I talk about three authors that I know I can pick up for a good story, a satisfying ending, and pure escapism. And that also shouldn’t be read on public transport, because giggling to oneself may be frowned upon.

I also talk about amazing book titles, such as The Island of the Sequinned Love Nun, because honestly – that’s an awesome title.



What are your favourite books when you want to get away from the world? Do you read humour? Let me know your recommendations in the comments, humorous or otherwise!


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  1. My go-to guys for comedy are Wodehouse (of course) and for comic crime the late, great Donald E. Westlake and his immortal creation, hapless crim John Dortmunder. The books (a series of 15) follow the adventures of Dortmunder, his chirpy sidekick Andy Kelp and the rest of the gang in various criminal enterprises in and around New York. Consistently funny and well-plotted, with an acerbic humour that could only come from NY, they are nothing like as well-known as they should be. Several have been filmed, and the first book, The Hot Rock, was a pretty good movie. Even if Robert Redford was way too handsome to be Dortmunder.

    1. Every time you comment, my TBR list expands with wonderful things! It sounds like I need some Dortmunder in my life as soon as possible 🙂

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