A Bedtime Rhyme from Robert Louis Stevenson

A Bedtime Rhyme from Robert Louis Stevenson

In which I blame my terrible memory on Robert Louis Stevenson, because I can still remember his poems from when I was a kid, meaning I have no memory space available for shopping lists or appointment times. I mean, I’ve got to blame someone, right?

I also show off my favourite mercaticorn nightie, and the little furry muse makes an appearance, although she is suitably unimpressed.



I’m also going to allocate some blame (not for the memory thing, for the whole reading in a nightie on a public video thing), on my lovely Twitter friend M.L Moos, who may or may not remember telling me to read a bedtime story…

And how about you, lovely people? Do you have any favourite bedtime stories that have stayed with you? Let me know below!


4 Replies to “A Bedtime Rhyme from Robert Louis Stevenson”

  1. I loved Kidnapped and Treasure Island too, and A Child’s Garden of Verses …. I remember the lonely Crusoes. I never got into Catriona, though … I thought it very boring. And I have Travels with a Donkey on the Kindle – I must read it …

    As for bedtime stories. Pooh. Every time 😉

    1. I don’t think I ever tried Catriona – not feeling particularly motivated to pick it up now! Travels with a Donkey is quite sweet and funny – I thought it was lovely!

      Weirdly, I never really got into the Pooh stories as a child. I remember loving Wind in the Willows, and the Moomintrolls, plus of course the mandatory Enid Blyton stories 🙂

      1. Wind in the Willows is still a favourite (Badger is my role model) and so are the Moomins, but I could never be having with Enid Blyton. Edith Nesbit was more my style. I’ve got Travels with a Donkey cued up to read next 🙂

        1. I loved the Famous Five books, and always wanted to be George 🙂 The other ones I really enjoyed were the Swallows and Amazons series – hence why I was so disappointed to discover what an English summer was actually like…

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