Roald Dahl & Twisted Tales

Roald Dahl & Twisted Tales

In which I talk about still being in awe of Roald Dahl’s ability to put an amazing twist in his stories, but also discover that, on rereading as an adult, some of his treatment of female characters doesn’t really do it for me (although this was only really in one collection out of the five in the book, so I’d still recommend the other four, because not many people can tell a short story quite as well as this).

One of the things I particularly love is that there’s no guarantee that the bad guys will get their comeuppance in his stories – you’re never quite sure until the end just how things are going to unfold. And while that can make it a little too much like real life for comfort, it also lends a quite wonderful uncertainty to the reading.

But, well. This is the man who wrote about Little Red Riding Hood killing not just her Big Bad Wolf, but also the huffing and puffing one, and his three little pigs into the bargain. So we really can’t expect them to be nice stories.

And I’m not complaining…



How about you, lovely readers? Have you read any of Roald Dahl’s short stories? Any other good twisted tales you’d recommend? Let me know your thoughts below!


14 Replies to “Roald Dahl & Twisted Tales”

  1. You’ve gone all small and fuzzy, Kim. I was never a fan of Mr. Dahl, he never interested me at all. I can’t say I read many short stories, and I’m struggling to think of any to recommend …

    1. Oh sugar. I have indeed gone all small and fuzzy. I had to upload in a different format because YouTube was misbehaving, but I had not realised it was miniature format. Boo.

      I used to read SO MANY short stories when I was a kid, then went away from them. But I’m really enjoying them again now – there’s something quite marvellous about such tight little tales 🙂

        1. Yes, this one seems to have a much better degree of fuzziness. Enough to hide the lines, but not enough to make me look like I’m disguising my identity… 😉

  2. I’ll have to watch your double-secret super spy fuzzy video when I have earbuds or no one’s around, but I will say the first thing I ever read by Roald Dahl was a collection of short stories called Kiss Kiss. They were bizarre and wonderful! But years later, I found out he was a children’s author and thought for sure I had misremembered my early reading. He’s certainly full of imagination.

    1. Ooh, Kiss Kiss is the first collection in this book – it’s brilliantly surprising! It is so strange when you think of what a wonderful children’s author he was – but at the same time, there always was a streak of delicious nastiness in all his stories, as far as I remember. I think that’s why I loved them so much!

  3. I’ve loved Roald Dahl since I was in college, and never stopped loving him. Reading about his sad sad life story has made them all the more poignant.

    1. The little I know about his life does sound terribly sad – wonderful that he was able to give so much joy to others through his stories!

  4. I discovered Roald Dahl a few years ago. Wonder why his books were never there in our school and community library, considering that he has written a LOT of books. I have read 4 of his books and love the creativity and humor that he effortlessly brings to the fore. I’d love to read The Collected Short Stories Of Roald Dahl. Thanks for sharing, Kim!

    1. My pleasure, Shilpa! He really does write a fantastic story – I’m so glad you discovered him at last! Definitely keep an eye out for his short story collections – they’re fantastic!

  5. Have read so many of them. And i kinda like the fact that he leaves an uncertainty till the very end. It makes it that much more engrossing 🙂

    1. I hope you enjoy them! I think his shorts are one of the reasons I fell in love with short stories as a kid. It’s lovely coming back to them 🙂

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