Fear & Loathing & Confusing Books

Fear & Loathing & Confusing Books

In which I confess to a love of books that sweep you up and carry you along with their sheer energy, even if you have no idea where they’re going. And you’re pretty sure that the author’s not really got much of an idea, either. And while I haven’t enjoyed all of Hunter S Thompson’s books at all, I did enjoy these ones.

And yes – they’re both better than the movies. Well, I think they are. I’m pretty sure I saw The Rum Diary, but I don’t remember it, so it can’t have been that good…



How about you, lovely people? Have you read any Hunter S Thompson? What did you think? Do you enjoy books with that sort of manic energy? Let me know below!

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  1. I never read any of his, but on the topic of journos in hot countries, did you ever read Scoop by Evelyn Waugh? Still one of the funniest (and most cynical) books about journalism ever written.

    1. I did not! I’ll have to look for that – I always enjoy a well-written if cynical take on life in hot countries. I’ve spent enough time in them that I think I read them as a bit of a cautionary tale at times…

  2. I have been wracking my brain, trying to remember why I think I’ve read one of his books and why I wouldn’t remember it, since he’s not a forgettable person. I finally figured out that I was picturing not the cover of one of his books but a drawing of him, done by my nephew, lol. (davearmstrongart.com) I, of course, can’t find that drawing on any of his social media right now, but at least I’m not confused anymore.

    1. Ach, his drawings are brilliant! I’ve just had a look at his instagram – so talented! And yes, that makes sense that you were remembering a drawing (which I couldn’t see either!) – even the books I didn’t like (including one DNF, because I didn’t understand enough American politics of the era to make heads nor tails of it) have stayed with me. He’s certainly not to everyone’s taste, but he is distinctive!

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