The Sadness of Being Let Down by a Book

The Sadness of Being Let Down by a Book

In which I express my deep disappointment that the science book I thought might clear up my general scientific confusion proved to be written rather confusingly.

Although that may all be down to taste. But I’m not at all clear on why the outfits of the scientists interviewed were given almost as much page space as the science they were talking about.

Okay, that’s not fair, but still – there were lots of words in this book, and most of them didn’t help me understand anything. There were a few that did, but it took too long to wade through all the padding to find them. Which I’m really disappointed by, because the author can write, and I was really excited by the concept. I thought I might come out of it with a good grasp on the basics of science.

Instead I was bored and upset because I hate DNF-ing. 🙁



How about you, lovely people? Have you been let down by a book you were excited to read? Or do you have any book suggestions for the scientifically challenged, like me? Let me know below!

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  1. I’m with you! I love learning, now that I don’t have to prove what I’ve learned. I try to tell my kids this, and it’s fun to see them seeking out stuff they love, and actually learning and remembering it, now that they’re out of school and can learn about what interests them.

    What a bummer that the author couldn’t express things in a way that regular people would enjoy.

    And let me encourage you with a NO. DO NOT go back and give it another chance. Find a better book and trust your gut. Unless you tried reading something as a ten-year-old, and reread it as a thirty-year-old, you’re not going to find a second try very rewarding.

    1. Permission to DNF accepted! I think you’re right – I don’t imagine I’ll get anything more out of it, but it’s just so annoying… Sigh.

      That’s so fantastic that you’ve passed that love of learning on to your kids – there are so many fascinating things to find out about the world, and it’s a shame that we sometimes get put off at school. Yay for life-long learning!

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