Janet Evanovitch & Easy Reads (AKA Popcorn for the Brain)

Janet Evanovitch & Easy Reads (AKA Popcorn for the Brain)

In which I talk about the necessity of hanging up your brain sometimes, and how for me the only way to do that is with easy reads, as TV and movies still leave too much of my brain running around like a ferret in a sock factory. (Please note that I’ve never seen a ferret in a sock factory, so they may in fact be very calm, but I’m assuming they would run about the place tearing socks up, abandoning them, and racing off to find some more.)

I also talk about going through phases with my easy read preferences, and how at the moment Janet Evanovitch’s Stephanie Plum series is pretty much perfect, as it involves an inept bounty hunter, exploding cars, and gun-happy senior citizens. What more do you need?

Plus I manage to muddle up Dirk Pitt and Dirk Gently, which will surprise no one.



How about you, lovely people? Do you like a little reading popcorn, or do you prefer TV, games, movies…? Let me know your preferences and recommendations below!


2 Replies to “Janet Evanovitch & Easy Reads (AKA Popcorn for the Brain)”

  1. I know I say this for everything, but … P.G. Wodehouse. Especially Jeeves and Wooster. Perfect for those no-brain days. Trouble is, I’ve read them all too many times now. I need new fluff.

    1. I still need to get those on my reading list! It’s so important to have good popcorn books. It’s a fine balance, though – they have to have just the right balance of lightness and read-me-now-ness. I’ve tried other easy-read books that I can’t even remember anything about, because they were just TOO light.

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