Skulduggery Pleasant & the ‘Unfortunate’ Necessity of Reading Middle Grade Books

Skulduggery Pleasant & the ‘Unfortunate’ Necessity of Reading Middle Grade Books


In which I confess that, even if I didn’t write middle grade books myself, I’d still read them, because they contain all the things that make me happy. You know – magic, humour, friendship, and adventure. And often talking cats. Although, in this case, it’s a talking skeleton, AKA Skulduggery Pleasant.

If you haven’t come across this series by Derek Landy, this is a whole-hearted recommendation for them, because they’re both fun and seriously gripping, and contain a wealth of bad jokes and good one-liners. I had so much fun reading them that I can see a re-read in the future, and that’s not something I undertake all that often.

And, seriously, if anyone out there is still feeling weird about adults reading kids’ books – it’s time to stop. There are so many wonderfully crafted books for younger readers out there, that we’re missing out on a lot if we think there’s some sort of cut-off age for when they can be enjoyed. Books are the right books for you when reading them fills you up, and that’s not about an age designation. It’s just about what talks to you.

Plus you can always tell the bookshop salesperson that you’re buying them for your niece if it really worries you…



How about you, lovely people? Have you read Skulduggery Pleasant? Do you read MG or YA? What recommendations do you have? Let me know below!

6 Replies to “Skulduggery Pleasant & the ‘Unfortunate’ Necessity of Reading Middle Grade Books”

  1. Did you ever read Terry Pratchett’s Johnny Maxwell series? ‘Johnny and the Bomb’, particularly, was one of the best things he ever did.

    1. Ooh! I have that on my shelf from an earlier secondhand bookshop over-purchase (I can never get one book. I get five, then forget that I got them, and read something else entirely instead). I shall move it to my bedside table immediately. 🙂

  2. I love the cover of Skulduggery Pleasant. I always find MG and YA have great covers!

    The only adult book I’ve read recently is ‘The Girl on the Train,’ and that’s because my mother raved about it and said I should. (I didn’t like it much.) I prefer MG and YA because they’re more fun 🙂 My latest read was ‘A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue,’ which had a trip across the continent and one of my favourite things: Pirates!

    1. I was sold on the title before you even mentioned pirates. Now I HAVE to get it!

      I tend to mix up my adult and MG/YA books – I find the MG ones can be a good refresh after how gloomy a lot of the adult books are. And yep – I read Girl on the Train and quite a few of those similar thrillers that all seemed to pop up at the same time. Very readable, but you just feel a bit horrible after. Or I do, anyway.

  3. I loved Kenneth Oppel’s Airborn trilogy! :). Thank you for reminding me of middle grade books! I love friendship, humour and adventure. The best! 🙂

    1. I don’t know that one! I’ll have to look it up 😊 And my pleasure – we all need lots of friendship, humour and adventure in our lives!

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