The Art of Dr Seuss, & Writing Prompts

The Art of Dr Seuss, & Writing Prompts

In which I justify buying pretty art books on the basis that I may, possibly, one day, under the right conditions, use them for writing prompts. Maybe.

I’d never actually thought about Dr Seuss creating art beyond his kids’ books until I stumbled across this post on Brain Pickings (worth a follow if you don’t already – I’ve come across all sorts of treasures via this blog!). Then I discovered that, not only did he create an enormous amount of wonderfully quirky, thoughtful and bizarre art, he also authored and illustrated The Seven Lady Godivas. Which I have yet to get my hands on, but one of these days…

I’m not sure if I actually did convince myself that I was buying The Secret Art of Dr Seuss as a writing prompt book or not, but if so I’ve failed rather spectacularly to use it. I do, however, love looking at the pretty pictures (because they’re wonderful), so that means it’s worth it, right? And I still think that it could be used for some wonderful writing ideas for someone maybe a little more visual that me. You know, if you need a reason to go pick it up.

It’s really hard to show just how beautiful the paintings in the book are over video, but if you jump across to the link above she has some good images. They really are just stunning, and full of both delightful absurdity and some very cynical (but funny – it’s that “haha – oh” feeling) observations. I find something new every time I read it, and I absolutely recommend it for any Seuss fans.



How about you, lovely people? Do you have any art books or other books that you’ve bought for inspiration? Are you better at using them than me? Do you have this book already? Let me know below – I’d both love to add to my weird little collection, and to know your thoughts!

And are you looking for more writing prompt-type books? Check out my video on The Mysteries of Charles Burdick, and also the beautifully illustrated Book of Beasties in my mythology books vid!

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  1. Dr. Seuss completely passed me by when I was a child. I’m a bit light on art books … I’ve got a copy of the (original edition of) The Art of Discworld, if that counts?

      1. It was produced quite early in Paul Kidby’s career as Discworld illustrator, so it’s actually quite a slight (and cheaply produced) book. The more recent hardback version is the one to be jealous of.

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