Frisco Pigeon Mambo, or What Did I Just Read?

Frisco Pigeon Mambo, or What Did I Just Read?

In which I talk about C.D. Payne’s Frisco Pigeon Mambo, which is so perfectly, wonderfully absurd and silly. And that’s a fine line to tread – there is such a thing as too silly, and too absurd, but this book manages it. There’s just enough gravitas to balance the hijinks, just enough pathos to counter the goofiness. It’s no secret that I love odd books. And this is wonderfully odd.

A friend of mine discovered Frisco Pigeon Mambo years ago, when we were both working in the Caribbean, and it made its way around all the bookworms in the local area. I think we all agreed that we’d never read anything like it before, and I don’t think one of us could say anything against it. How could you? It has hard-drinking, heavy-smoking pigeons with a junk food obsession, who get sprung from a research lab by well-meaning animal rights activists. The pigeons are not impressed, as they’re reduced to smoking discarded cigarette butts and cosying up to local pub owners for alcohol access (and that’s before the liquor store heist and the stolen cats). This is neither life as they know it, nor as they want it.

It’s a short, fun read about identity, love, and misguided birds on the rampage – and probably best added to the Not For Reading In Public list, due to high likelihood of giggling.



Are you a fan of books about anthropomorphic animals (or birds)? What are your favourites that you’ve come across? Let me know below – I’m always looking for more weirdness in my life! (Of the fun sort. Not the scary weird sort. Just so we’re clear.)


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  1. Still one of my all time favourites, but think I must give cudos to Victoria for discovering this one. The giggling but also the danger of barely being able to breathe through the laughter!

  2. This sounds WONDERFUL! I’m going to have to give it a read at my earliest opportunity. The most bizzarre books I’ve read in recent years have mostly been Tim Dorsey (who I know you’ve already checked into). And there’s one by Brandon Meyers and Bryan Pedas, the guys who draw A Beer for the Shower comics, called Tuck Watley: Freedom Fighter Fighter, that is laugh-out-loud funny.

    1. I hope you enjoy it! I really find it so much weirdly entertaining fun. I did enjoy Tim Dorsey, so must check out the others! I know you also recommended a zombie book or series to me at some point too – I don’t suppose you remember which one that was? I think it was by a client of yours 🙂

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