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A Sudden Attack of DIY in Dragon Country, & a Hiatus

We are homeowners. Now, that’s a new thought. I know, I know. I’m a bit of…

We are homeowners.

Now, that’s a new thought.

I know, I know. I’m a bit of a late starter when it comes to the whole bricks and mortar thing. I blame my upbringing. And I was this close to insisting we buy a canal boat instead, but there are some bridges (or gangplanks) that are just one too far for even the most tolerant Little Furry Muse. She did live in a camper quite happily, but the whole water thing is not to her approval.

moving home diy life self-care writer's life

Wonky windows. Uneven floors. Bumpy walls. It’s perfect.

Being a newbie at this, I did sort of expect that it’d be much the same as moving into another rental house (and that we’ve done. A lot. I mean, a lot. In the days of address books, my family used to complain that I’d used the whole K section).

I think I can hear you more experienced home owners laughing from here.

moving home diy life self-care writer's life

Early morning walks have replaced yoga days for the moment.

For one thing, buying takes ages. And when moving country (and having a deadline to leave said country due to European car insurance running out and not being able to be renewed), this complicates things. Or, it does when the ages gets extended to ages plus three weeks (luckily the SO has a lovely mum who put up with Layla and I cluttering up her apartment for two and a half of those weeks). And when it finally comes together, everything is so last minute that you can’t give the movers any notice, meaning you have a week and a bit on an air mattress in an empty house before your actual mattress, books, and spare socks arrive.

I really should have packed more socks.

moving home diy life self-care writer's life

Current state of furnishing: One painting and an airbed.

There’s also the realisation that carpets hold a lot of cat hair, especially when the previous owner had two very large, very hairy, indoor-only Maine coons. Curtains also hold a lot of cat hair (I now see why they left them). As do floorboards, sinks, and, currently, my clothes. All of which needed to be removed before my own furry companion moved in.

But, all that done (although there is much, much still to do), the Little Furry Muse has deemed the new place acceptable (she particularly likes sitting on the doormat surveying her realm), and all our worldly goods should be arriving tomorrow. Hopefully. It’s not the easiest place to find, and I believe there’s a bed frame currently roaming the Yorkshire Dales, searching for its new home. It may turn up tomorrow as well, cold, frightened, and in need of a nice bedroom. I hope.

moving home diy life self-care writer's life


Which is all good (especially the LFM settling in very rapidly, even though I’m sure my four passes with the carpet cleaning machine still left half a cat’s worth of hair behind, in addition to the four or so I removed), and I’ve even been creeping out for some exploring. Early morning runs are glorious, even the one yesterday when I was tottering uphill for what seemed like an excessively long time, surrounded by cloud and being peppered with horizontal rain. Still glorious. Especially the pelting back down the hill bit when I turned around. I have yet to discover dragons, but that’s likely due to the fact that I haven’t had any baking apparatus for the producing of scones. One can’t expect dragons without scones.

moving home diy life self-care writer's life

Would dragons accept Roald Dahl bikkies, I wonder?

However – and the main point of this rambly post –  there has been a lot. A lot of everything. A lot of waiting, of stress, of moving, of life in general, which is always the most wearing bit. And I have decided it’s time for a break. Maybe just for a week, maybe all this month, maybe for a little longer. I won’t be gone entirely, and you will still be treated to cat photos and bad jokes on Facebook (although maybe a little less than usual). I’m scaling back on Twitter and IG, as I feel they’ve been devouring my days, and taking some time out to decide where to go from here. Because it seems to me that a fresh start in our very own home is a good time for a fresh start in everything.

moving home diy life self-care writer's life

Insert inspirational quote about new paths here. Or just look at the pretty colours.

Plus – and I hear more snickering from the long-time homeowners – I have discovered DIY. I’ve bought saw horses and a jigsaw. Why did no one tell me how cool cutting things up is?

If I’m not back in a month, assume massive DIY failure.

moving home diy life self-care writer's life

I don’t think I could have made this picture more alarming if I tried, but here’s the LFM looking adventurous to make up for it.

Now tell me, lovely people – what’s your favourite sort of project to tackle at home? Painting, building, gardening, other? Let me know below!

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  1. Lorinda Johnson says:

    Oh. My. Word. I am so excited for you and this new adventure. Have you wielded a chain-saw yet? I have just purchased one recently and been a little chicken to fire it up (plug it in) after reading all the safety instructions :O

    Hope your bedframe finds its way home soon!

    1. kimwatt says:

      It really is exciting! Overwhelming at times, but definitely exciting. And now I’m jealous of your chainsaw. I only have the jigsaw and a sander for the moment, but I wonder if I can justify a chainsaw in our little garden… Although I think I’d be a bit chicken, too!

      And the bedframe is still MIA. I think it may have gone feral by now, and is living on the high fells, collecting loose wool to protect its joints from the cold winds. It’ll be glimpsed at a distance by early morning hikers as it pirouettes beneath the moon, and they’ll go home wondering what breed of sheep survives up there.

      1. Lorinda Johnson says:

        Ha! That’s a sight I want to see 🙂 Although, I think I read it did finally make its way home. Loose fell wool probably got nothing on shedded cat hair 😀

  2. You moved from France to the UK? The area looks gorgeous, but what made you move? Where are your roots?
    You are one brave chickie 🙂

    1. kimwatt says:

      Sorry, I’m so late seeing this! Just discovered it now. And yes, the area really is lovely. I’m originally from NZ, but have moved around a lot – I haven’t lived there since I was 18, which is, well, *quite* a while ago… The SO’s from Yorkshire, which was one reason for the move. We were mostly in France for his job, but he’s changing that now, so the UK makes for a good base. Plus, dragons and tea… 😉

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