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All About the Books

Hello, lovely person! So you want to know all about snarky feline PIs and their scruffy human sidekicks, or tea-drinking dragons and ladies of a certain age who can’t keep out of police matters? Or perhaps you’re more worried about bridges and rubber ducks?

Either way, I can help. Here’s where to find things:

  • Wait, where do I start with all of them? And what about book clubs? And free stuff? Help!
  • Never mind, I’ve got an earworm now (see below for help with that. Well, “help”).

Questions? Still not sure where to go from here? Really not happy about that earworm (I really am sorry, but once I thought of it I couldn’t not share it, could I?)

Let me know about any and all of the above by using the form below! I reply to all messages, even if not immediately …

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