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gobbelino london book 5 worry of weres kim m watt

A Worry of Weres

“In a world of books (that) seem way too much alike, these books are all so very much their own.”
– Marie, Goodreads reviewer

Gobbelino London PI, Book Five

“Find Malcolm. His safety is your safety.”

Threat or promise, I wasn’t hanging around to find out. Not when the sorcerer making it had just yanked me straight out of my skin for a friendly chat.

But with our situation normal involving scheming magicians, lurking necromancers, and Callum’s long-lost family all competing to make my next out of body experience a permanent one, having a sorcerer on our side seemed like a pretty good option. Better than the alternative, anyway.

There’s only one problem. If we want her help, we need to find her dentist. And we’ve got one lead. One hairy, stinking lead.

Grab the chew toys. We’re going on a were hunt …