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cover of Gobbelino London & a Menace of Mermaids, book 6

A Menace of Mermaids

It’s action, snark, and weirdly competent parrots all the way.”
– Tiff, Goodreads reviewer

Gobbelino London PI, Book Six

“I was expecting a throne made from the skulls of your enemies.”

“It can be arranged.”

I’m not saying the entire magical population of North Yorkshire want us dead. Just the majority of them. Which is why we fled Leeds and have found ourselves working for a one-eyed pirate captain in Whitby.

Which was already a bad start, but now we’ve got a missing friend, a displeased reaper who’s escalating to somewhat miffed, Black Dogs, treacherous mermaids, and a Sea Witch to deal with. Oh, and a kraken cult, because of course there’s a kraken cult.

Maybe the firebombs and weres weren’t so bad …