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cover of Collision of Catastrophes, book 7 Gobbelino London PI, by Kim M. Watt

A Collision of Catastrophes (series finale)

I cheered, shouted, yelped in a few places and held my breath in others.”
– Gail, Goodreads reviewer

Gobbelino London PI, Book Seven (series finale)

“Ay up, Mogs. Bringer of mad tidings. What is it this time?”

“End of the world,” I said.

“Can’t get much madder than that.”

We’re back in Leeds in search of a missing troll, who’s one of only people around that doesn’t seem to want us dead. But it doesn’t take long to discover that’s the least of our worries.

Leeds has blown straight past dicey and into end times. The necromancers are back and as power-sotted as ever, and this time it’s not just a few cats they want dead. It’s everyone