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Boxset of books 1-4 in the Gobbelino London PI funny urban fantasy series

The Gobbelino London Collection

“…friendship, fun, mayhem, almost kinetic descriptions of absolutely brilliant action scenes and snark–lots and lots of lovely snark.”
– Jodi, Amazon reviewer

Gobbelino London PI, Books 1 – 4

Welcome to the world of G&C London, Leeds’ best magical investigators. Technically only magical investigators, but that’s basically the same thing.

Whether it’s a feral book of power determined to tear reality apart, a zombie apocalypse exploding into downtown Leeds, or run-ins with bad-tempered unicorns and alarmingly hungry almost-gods, Gobbelino and Callum are the PIs you want on your side.

They may not know what they’re doing, but they’ll do it with great enthusiasm. If the price is right, of course.