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Cat Logic – And Why We Could All Use It In Life

In the world of t’internet, there exists the term, “cat logic”. It’s both hashtag and explanation…

In the world of t’internet, there exists the term, “cat logic”. It’s both hashtag and explanation, description and exclamation, and it’s one of those wonderful phrases that makes me happy about the existence of social media and the internet in general. Seriously, google “cat logic”.

You’re welcome.

Now we’ve got that out of the way, I’m going to share a few examples of Layla’s cat logic, as it’s a wonderful thing. I may also attempt to relate them to the life of non-felines, to prove that I’m using my blog for more than just sharing photos of my cat.

That may or may not work.

Cat Logic - And Why We Could All Use It In Life

You knew it was going to happen. Why would you even try?

Obviously, Layla shares the usual feline traits. If it was bought for her to sleep in or play with, she wants nothing to do with it. Favourite sleeping places are my lap (or back, if I’m in bed), or anywhere that makes it awkward to get up/sit down/open doors/carry on life in general. Favourite playthings (despite the half-suitcase of Australian catnip toys I carted back to France for her on my last trip) are my hair ties, a drawstring from the SO’s PJs, and crumpled bits of paper. Every time a cat sitter looks after Layla, they very diligently collect all the hair ties and put them away on a shelf somewhere. They must think I’m some sort of hair tie stripper, flinging multi-coloured elastic bands about the house willy-nilly. Because one hair tie is not enough, obviously. It must be every hair tie I put down, no matter where that may be.

Cat Logic - And Why We Could All Use It In Life

This is fine.

I go through a lot of hair ties.

But these are all cat logic traits shared with most cats I know, along with the astonishingly accurate foreknowledge that allows her to come and sit on my lap at the exact moment I need to get up. But Layla has her own wonderful quirks.

She will only sleep on the spare bed if I’ve stripped all the bedding off, including the mattress cover. Apparently this makes it a wonderfully comfortable place to nap, so much so that she only moves for food. Which is unfortunate, as vacuuming mattresses is not as easy as washing cat hair off sheets.

If we’re going out for the day, she must go out in the last minutes before we leave, despite the fact that she’s lazy and spends almost all day sleeping inside. This goes double if it’s raining and/or we’ve spotted some of the neighbourhood strays in the area. With no cat flap, this means we spend all day wondering how many fights she’s got into (Layla has never been known to walk away from a fight. She thinks she’s posh because she’s from Harrogate, but she’s actually very scrappy for a small cat), and return home to an aggrieved kitty, complaining about being left out where she can’t get to her biscuits.

Cat Logic - And Why We Could All Use It In Life

I don’t care if there ARE two doors and three other windows open. Open THIS one.

She likes to sleep in cupboards. This is something that she shares with many other felines, but the problem is that she can’t really meow. She puts an awful lot of effort in, and you can see her sides heave as she pushes the air out – but if any sound joins it, it’s a tinier squeak than most kittens have. Which means that, if we haven’t noticed her go into a cupboard, it can take a long time to find her again. She ended up spending all day in one when we thought she’d done her usual Great Escape, only to panic when we returned home to find she wasn’t waiting for us. It took about an hour of frantic calling and searching outside before we thought to check the cupboards. To be fair, she was sound asleep, so I don’t think it was much of an issue.

Cat Logic - And Why We Could All Use It In Life

And it looks even worse in reality.

She doesn’t like fresh fish, chicken, or meat. She doesn’t even like fancy cat food. Which is good, because there’s never any need to worry about leaving food out, but also bad, because when she occasionally goes off her food, I don’t have many options. Not that I’m entirely complaining that the cheapest, nastiest supermarket own brand food is her preference. Oh, and pork pies. That’s the only food she’s ever stolen. Which may say something about the composition of pork pies.

Layla, unlike many animals, isn’t at all bothered by loud noises. I remember the first Guy Fawkes after she adopted me, I spent a fortune on a Feliway plug-in, Feliway spray, Valerian drops for cats, etc, etc. I tried everything I could think of (or read about) to make sure she was going to feel safe when the fireworks started. Her ears barely twitched. I, however, was a nervous wreck. On the other hand – apparently the SO’s winter jacket is terrifying and he can’t put it on in the house any more. (Edit – I also discovered yesterday that toothpaste boxes are Very Scary.)

Cat Logic - And Why We Could All Use It In Life

If she’s outdoors and feels a hairball coming on, she runs inside and finds a rug to vomit on, then goes back out. (In one house, there was only one small rug in the entire downstairs, everything else being smooth flooring. She always found it).

She never, ever walks on the kitchen counter, but every other surface in the house is fair game. This is not something I’ve taught her.

I hate air conditioning, but if it gets really hot in the summer and I can see she’s getting uncomfortable, I’ll put it on. At which point she will always leave the room. Likewise in winter – she’ll sleep in the bedrooms where there’s no heating on, rather than in the living room where there is.

Without fail, she leaves the Christmas tree a minimum of two weeks before she attacks it. It’s always just at that point when we’re thinking, “Ah, she’s such a good kitty. We’re so lucky, not having to worry about the tree,” that we come home to utter devastation.

Cat Logic - And Why We Could All Use It In Life


Two other things about her, which have nothing to do with cat logic, but which I’ll share as more examples of her lovely oddity: she’s clumsy, and she snores. Both of which are adorable.

And I have, of course, utterly failed to relate any of this to human life, so I’ll just say this – we don’t always have to have reasons for our pathological hatred of certain jackets, or our affection for small cosy spaces. We don’t need fancy things to be happy when small things will do just fine. And, while we may know better, there’s nothing wrong with eating a little cheap and nasty food now and then, just because we like it. A little cat logic never hurt anyone.

How about you? Any examples of cat logic you’d like to share? Or just the lovely quirks of your pets?

Cat Logic - And Why We Could All Use It In Life


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  1. Inderpreet says:

    Cats are so cute but really different from dogs, I have never had a cat but they seem so much fun.

    1. kimwatt says:

      I had cats and dogs growing up (when we were living ashore), so I guess I’m a ‘both’ person, but I find cats particularly wonderful. They’re so independent and have such strong personalities, and really do seem to have a slightly nasty sense of humour at times!

  2. Lynda Dietz says:

    I had a dog growing up because my mother was afraid of cats, so she always told us they were horrible and mean. Aaaaannnnd then we got a cat when the kids were little, and it was fun and easier to take care of than a dog. Then we got another cat, and another, and right now we have four. We’ve gone through Smokey, Newman, Kate, Gusplocci, Schmutz, and Morton. Currently we have Newman the Second, AndyAndy, and sibling/twin kittens named Luna and Jorgen. There is no logic to animals that pass up a bowl of fresh water to go outside and drink from a mud puddle, or who pull unmentionable things from the bathroom garbage to play with. But we love them anyway.

    1. kimwatt says:

      Those are some wonderful cat names! I particularly like Morton, for some reason – it’s oddly descriptive! And yes – cats are very much laws unto themselves. Which is a lovely thing 🙂

  3. Heidi says:

    I think of cat logic as just—be yourself. That’s a good thing!

    1. kimwatt says:

      It’s a very good thing! They do take it to extremes sometimes, but when you’re that cute and furry you can get away with it… 😉

  4. Shilpa Garg says:

    Layla is a cool cat! I read that authors like cats because they are such quiet, lovable, wise creatures, and cats like authors for the same reasons. 🙂

    1. kimwatt says:

      Aw, thank you! I have heard that quote, and I can lay claim to one characteristic. I think Layla has all three wrapped up, clever girl…

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