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French Food Part Two – Sophie

A second instalment of fantastic French food, this time featuring crêpes and gougère. And cheese. Lots and lots of cheese.

French Food Part One – Sylvie

Two easy recipes from France – soupe au pistou and mushroom risotto made with foraged mushrooms because life is amazing sometimes.

7 Things – the France Version

Seven wonderful things – and a plague of photos – about the south of France, and Antibes and Caille in particular.

7 Things – the UK version

A very photo-heavy list of fun things from the UK leg of the trip, including story settings for upcoming books.

a-z booklovers life, bookworm, funny, love books, love reading, readers

The A-Z of the Booklover’s Life

A very serious look at the important ingredients in the reader’s life, because these things matter.

kim m watt beaufort scales books releases

An Absent Blog of Bookish News

Revealing the name of the seventh Beaufort Scales book, plans for the coming months, and being offline.

reading, self-care, how to kill your family, bella mackie

Serial Killers, Aliens, & Very Angry Zombies

A book chat containing surprisingly few books, but some thoughts about changing reading patterns and book love.

distractions, kim m watt, writing, writer's life, creativity, focus

Things to Distract You

Not all distraction is bad. It can be a way to reset, to let the subconscious tinker for a bit …

A Moment of Absence & the Naming of Dragons

A dog called Shorty, a trip to Fiji, an unexpected smoked fish and an expected loss, among other things. Also dragons.

How Do We Tackle 2022

How Do We Tackle 2022? Weirdly …

Well, that’s January done. We’ve edged our way into 2022, and it’s looking…