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short stories

A short story regarding wolves and trolls and loyalty

A Gobbelino-adjacent short story involving suspicious wolves, violent unicorns, and really annoying donkeys …

A Short Story Involving Cats, Ghosts, Wardrobes, & Housekeeping

A Gobbelino London PI short story, set in Whitby just before the events of A Menace of Mermaids, and just after a Worry of Weres.

a reader's 12 day of christmas

The Reader’s 12 Days of Christmas

In which I have another shot at ruining 12 days of Christmas, as if I haven’t already done that enough …

Gobbelino London, exceprt, short read, fiction, funny, fantasy, werewolves

No One Ever Talks About the Book Wolves

A deleted scene from the fifth Gobbelino London book, featuring two of his least favourite things …

Oddly Enough, short story, risk of sexy armour, humour, fantasy, kim m watt

Reading Aloud: A Risk of Sexy Armour

“You only get to ask for the adventure you want. After that it’s up to the machine.”

short story beaufort scales christmas market funny toot hansell kim m watt dragons

A Festive, Dragonish Short Story Read-Along

A short festive tale from the world of Beaufort Scales and Toot Hansell, featuring dogs and dragons and a little too much mulled wine …

you better watch out short christmas story funny kim m watt

You Better Watch Out! (A Christmas Short Story)

A short Christmas story involving elves, Santa’s workshop, and some festive rebellion …

melee of mages, gobbelino london, kim m watt, short story

Green Snakes, Quarantine, & a Melee of Mages

In which I read you a short story that explains how Green Snake got his name. His real one, that is …

toot hansell christmas cracker beaufort scales mystery christmas short story dragons

Four Calling Birds – A Toot Hansell Christmas Story

Gilbert settled himself under the cover of a hedge, watching the bird through the window …

partridge in a pear tree short story Toot hansell christmas cracker dragons

A Partridge in a Pear Tree – a Toot Hansell Christmas story

Was there some sort of official scale for these things, from harmless eccentricity to “call the care home”?