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short stories

gertrude prim reaper whitby short story funny gothic kim m watt

The Dangers of a Mini-Break – a Reaper Short Story #2

A sequel to Coffee, Cake, & Ghoulets, illustrating the danger of reapers on mini-breaks …

glenda horsemen of the apocalypse 2 funny humour death kim m watt

Death is Always Sure – a Glenda & the Horsemen Short Story #2

A sequel to ‘Glenda & the Horsemen of the Apocalypse’, featuring a visit to New Zealand and a very worried farmer …

short story albert sales demon a nasty little sentence kim m watt humour funny

A Nasty Little Sentence – A Salesdemon Short Story #2

A sequel to The Hard Sell, because I wanted to know what happened next …

short story albert salesdemon hard sell funny kim m watt

The Hard Sell – a Salesdemon Short Story #1

“What do you want more than anything in the world? What, one might say, is your heart’s desire?”

writers 12 days of christmas

The Writer’s 12 Days of Christmas

In which I mangle a beloved Christmas song for the sake of my own amusement.

rachel agnew ghost hunter 2 troll kim m watt christmas festive short story funny

The Ghost Hunter & the Troll – Rachel Agnew, Ghost Hunter #2

A festive sequel to Rachel Agnew, Ghost Hunter, featuring a grumpy troll and a bridge …

glenda horsemen apocalypse funny death humour short story kim m watt

Glenda & the Horsemen of the Apocalypse – a Glenda & the Horsemen Short Story #1

“So,” she said. “You bring on the apocalypse. Is this your religion, or something?”

rachel agnew ghost hunter lizards anxious short story funny kim m watt

Rachel Agnew, Ghost Hunter (#1) – a Short Story

“It’s okay, you don’t have to understand. That’s my job. I’m a professional Ghost Hunter.”

“Lizards.” He sounded suitably impressed.

gertrude prim reaper ghoulets cafe short story funny kim m watt

Coffee, Cake, & Ghoulets – A Reaper Short Story #1

“I already have eight ghoulets in my apartment, Ethel. I’m not even allowed a hamster in this apartment. The landlord was quite clear.”

The Real Night Before Christmas (a re-telling)

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and in Santa’s workshop,
No one was slacking, they worked on non-stop.
The elves were all hungry, their feet were all sore,
And no one had slept for six days or more …