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short stories

gertrude prim reaper whitby short story funny gothic kim m watt

The Dangers of a Mini-Break – a Reaper Short Story #2

A sequel to Coffee, Cake, & Ghoulets, illustrating the danger of reapers on mini-breaks …

glenda horsemen of the apocalypse 2 funny humour death kim m watt

Death is Always Sure – a Glenda & the Horsemen Short Story #2

A sequel to ‘Glenda & the Horsemen of the Apocalypse’, featuring a visit to New Zealand and a very worried farmer …

short story albert sales demon a nasty little sentence kim m watt humour funny

A Nasty Little Sentence – A Salesdemon Short Story #2

A sequel to The Hard Sell, because I wanted to know what happened next …

short story albert salesdemon hard sell funny kim m watt

The Hard Sell – a Salesdemon Short Story #1

“What do you want more than anything in the world? What, one might say, is your heart’s desire?”

rachel agnew ghost hunter 2 troll kim m watt christmas festive short story funny

The Ghost Hunter & the Troll – Rachel Agnew, Ghost Hunter #2

A festive sequel to Rachel Agnew, Ghost Hunter, featuring a grumpy troll and a bridge …

glenda horsemen apocalypse funny death humour short story kim m watt

Glenda & the Horsemen of the Apocalypse – a Glenda & the Horsemen Short Story #1

“So,” she said. “You bring on the apocalypse. Is this your religion, or something?”

rachel agnew ghost hunter lizards anxious short story funny kim m watt

Rachel Agnew, Ghost Hunter (#1) – a Short Story

“It’s okay, you don’t have to understand. That’s my job. I’m a professional Ghost Hunter.”

“Lizards.” He sounded suitably impressed.

gertrude prim reaper ghoulets cafe short story funny kim m watt

Coffee, Cake, & Ghoulets – A Reaper Short Story #1

“I already have eight ghoulets in my apartment, Ethel. I’m not even allowed a hamster in this apartment. The landlord was quite clear.”