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plans writing travel books 2023

2023 Book & Blog News, Plans, & “Plans”

All about changes to the blog, books to expect in 2023, and travel that’s happening (all very realistic plans, honest …).

French Food Part Two – Sophie

A second instalment of fantastic French food, this time featuring crêpes and gougère. And cheese. Lots and lots of cheese.

French Food Part One – Sylvie

Two easy recipes from France – soupe au pistou and mushroom risotto made with foraged mushrooms because life is amazing sometimes.

7 Things – the France Version

Seven wonderful things – and a plague of photos – about the south of France, and Antibes and Caille in particular.

7 Things – the UK version

A very photo-heavy list of fun things from the UK leg of the trip, including story settings for upcoming books.

kim m watt beaufort scales books releases

An Absent Blog of Bookish News

Revealing the name of the seventh Beaufort Scales book, plans for the coming months, and being offline.

A Moment of Absence & the Naming of Dragons

A dog called Shorty, a trip to Fiji, an unexpected smoked fish and an expected loss, among other things. Also dragons.

On the Joy of Baking for Others, life, recipes, travel

On the Joy of Baking for Others (with recipe links)

As anyone who spends time around this blog knows, I’m not averse to baking for myself…

Masking, Not Masking, & Being Gentle, life, self care, travel

Masking, Not Masking, & Being Gentle

As some of you may know, I’m currently in New Zealand. Heading home used to be…

July reading – DNFs, telepathic tigers, & Nordic anti-noir

July reading – DNFs, telepathic tigers, & Nordic anti-noir

As much as I love travelling – and how strange it’s been to know for quite a while…